December 24, 2014

Forest Green

I took a leap of faith and dyed my hair forest green. I've never tried crazy colours before so here's a first. Pink, purple, blue, pastel or grey hair had their fair share of being the style in trend. I wanted something different but usually I deliberate for a long time before I do something new to my hair, and by that time usually the colour I wanted to try has become overrated and I drop my plan. Green hair is something different and daring and just like other colours, various shades of green has a different vibe they carry. I've always loved the cool green so I picked forest green, it's close to teal but it's not, it's slightly different so please don't mistake me for Hatsune Miku. (Though I love her lol)

The photo was taken at a window but the actual colour is darker in real. I've had a bright bleached yellow hair for many moons so now I want to jump to the other end of the scale and opted for a dark forest green. In fact, only the previously bleached parts has obvious green while the top of my head is very close to black.

Friends who know me might notice that my wardrobe consist of other than black and white, are mostly the primary colours, red, blue and yellow (for accessories). Green is a complementary colour to red which means when they are matched together well, they'll equally stand out. Green is also a mixture of blue and yellow which means that they are harmonious colours which goes well together. I'm one nerdy art student.

For now I'm still having so much fun with my new hair and I feel like I'm some sort of anime character. Just hope that it won't fade away too quickly! *fingers crossed*
December 17, 2014

AFA Singapore 2014

My so-called perfect excuse for delaying this post would be falling sick after AFA (almost everyone I knew who went fell sick too) and how I recently got hooked onto playing LOL, League of Legends if you didn't know that. I'm still learning as I play as I hadn't got my hands on online gaming aside those Facebook mini games for years. I think I'm a quick learner though, I just need the perfect 'sensei' XD

Anyways back to AFA, going to the event was a whole new experience to me! I was of course, really really shy and awkward as I hardly know the people there which pretty much led me to boredom as I roam around the event rounds and rounds. Not to say that the highlights they brought in was boring, they were in fact really cool, but when you're there alone you tend to go around faster and have a planned out schedule of where to go for the nice stuff.

I was there on the first and second day. First days of most ACG events are usually when you get all the doujin or limited collection loots. As AFA was held from Friday to Saturday, Saturday was also packed with lots of people trying to get merchandise as many weren't able to attend on Friday. As for me I got all the stuff I wanted on Friday so Saturday was just a mash up of sightseeing, performance viewing and catching up with some friends.

Luffy never gets old. There's over 600 episodes so far and I still hope that one day I'll be able to catch up the series. I've tried, but I stopped around 20+ as there are so many new anime series ongoing at the same time. I'll probably never catch up this series...

Baozi on the left and Hana on the right. I was at the very front of their mini stage appearance and when they took a group shot my face was right beside Hana. Second day during the ARCC performance, I somehow managed to get a seat at the first row just behind the judges and right in front of me was Hana and Baozi again haha!

Mon and Hyko. Mon looked like a real life doll and I'm excited to meet her again this coming Comic Fiesta!

Akatsuki Tsukasa, Judy and H were cosplaying characters from Psycho Pass 2 for the three days.

There were life size 1/1 figures of Inspector Tsunemori, Kogami (how I miss him in Psycho Pass!) and Makishima. The figurines were so impressive and everyone who passed by would stop and take pictures or selfies with them XD

Reika, Yuegene Fay and Kaname at the Starchild booth. They were doing characters from Hoozuki no Reitetsu. I was really happy to see the three of them again and as always they look so awesome in their cosplay while being hilarious.

Angie was cosplaying Seika-chan, which is AFA's mascot on day 2 and Ying Tze was cosplaying as Isuzu Sento. I couldn't say hi to them with the massive crowd but I really hope to meet them at Comic Fiesta :D It's always fun to meet people you know at events!

There were lots of nice cosplays around on day 2 but the crowd was really huge so I didn't bother to take much pictures as I was cosplaying myself. However, these girls caught my eye especially those two who cosplayed characters from Studio Ghibli as I was cosplaying Chihiro Ogino from Spirited Away. Look at how cute No Face was!

I met Guki too and she's always so nice :) We only chat a little but it was really nice to just see someone I know among all the strangers around :X I'm really shy at events so I hardly know much people. Although I secretly wish that I have more friends in this circle that I can talk to hehe ^^;

Bringing you the first row view at the ARCC group cosplay. ARCC was the reason I bought my day 2 stage + exhibition ticket as these cosplays skits never fail to impress me. I went in the stage area during the Love Live session which was long before the ARCC started just to make my way slowly to the front. As soon as the Love Live session ended, many people left the stage area which was perfect as I got to the fifth row during the Lantis guest appearance. After that more people left which was how I got my first row seat. You've got to 'camp' for these benefits haha! Especially if you're so fond of the cosplay guests like me lol!

Judges were from all over the Southeast Asia region plus Reika and Kaname from Japan. The performances were so cool and my personal favourite was the Kill la Kill one and of course the Dragon Ball one which Kamehameha-ed its way to the first place. The performances videos can be found on YouTube so be sure to check them out if you're interested! :D

2 days of AFA got me so exhausted and I started getting flu and sore throat on the third day. My condition got even worse on my way home to Malaysia and I thought it was only me until I log onto my Facebook and see statuses of my friends being sick and all. Even Yuegene got sick too XD Weird enough, it was quite comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who fell sick... Sorry guys :P

As for now, I've been really busy with lots of things, other than gaming, especially moving house. The construction is almost complete so I'll have to clean the house with my mom soon before we can move in. I'm not even sure if it'll be completed before I go back to Singapore as I hope to have a room tour post for that. :D There's Christmas and Comic Fiesta coming up too so December's is a crazy month for me.
December 5, 2014

The Orange Thimble

The Orange Thimble was situated next to the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery and had significantly lesser crowd in there compared to the latter one. Each had their own uniqueness but if you are more into small secluded areas where you can have a more intimate or private chat with your friend, I'd recommend you to visit The Orange Thimble.

The cafe is sectioned into five areas, but seats are pretty limited in each space considering the cafe is split into five areas in a tiny space. When my friend and I were there it was off lunch time and we were able to explore the cafe to our pleasure. There are some cakes served and you can buy chocolates weighing by grams as well. As we were pretty full from our previous cafe stop, we got ourselves the salted caramel ice cream which was recommended by the staff.

It was an art-space-slash-cafe thus paintings hung up around the cafe was inevitable. They were all scenery of the Tiong Bahru district in distorted yet colourful paintings. Christmas season is here and everywhere in Singapore you'll see decorations put up and hear the jolly rhymes of the Christmas songs. Are you excited for Christmas? I sure do as I sing 'I'll be home for Christmas'
December 4, 2014

Drips Bakery Cafe

Tiong Bahru is an old district filled with the scents of coffee beans from the long stretch of cafes around the area. There's nothing more satisfying than a cafe hopping session if you're as into cafes like me. The weather was perfect today with a little drizzle but generally it's really cooling and such weather lifts up my mood too.

The first cafe I went into was Drips Bakery Cafe where I got myself a Rosemary Chicken Pie and a cup of flat white. My friend got a special of the day sandwich and we both shared a raspberry & mango tart. Drips Bakery Cafe is known for their tarts so you've got to try at least one if you're there.

The inner part of the cafe has a skylight which makes the whole atmosphere so relaxing. I really love natural light yet I dislike the heat from it, sounds ironic but being able to see outside makes the whole space seem as if you're connected to the outer area even though you're not exactly being so. Try to visualize this, it was raining and you're seeing the raindrops through the skylight while sipping a good warm cup of coffee. You get the feeling?

Anyways, I have one more post on cafe hopping (that's just what I've been up to lately) then there's also AFA for the next three days! I just got my tickets today and I'm a happy girl! I'm getting so pumped up this month as I'm attending 2 ACG events, celebrating Christmas and moving house. Lots to do but as usual, I'm happy being busy. :)