October 20, 2014

Little India beauty

A fortnight ago we went around Little India during one of our classes for an upcoming project. Although I alight at Little India MRT station to go to school, I've never explored Little India itself so it was an exciting trip for a tourist like myself. I prefer to still be labelled as a tourist because that way I can have fun and do silly things, haha! The hue of the sky perfectly balance out the gorgeous architecture around Veerasamy Road. I have a place in my heart for antique or vintage object, clothing or even architecture thus being able to get these nice shots made my day.

Vintage items are so unique to me not just because of when they were created or when they were once in trend, rather it's the rich history it has. Although, an item such as clothing may not have much historical significance, but things passed down from one to another indeed has its own story to be told. The context of a vintage item is what makes them have a place in my heart.
October 19, 2014

A week back home

When was my last post??? As usual, I've been busy with none other than, school. Everyday feels like a routine and while it feels nice to be able to get everything in grasp, I really want to break out from my comfort zone. Pushing myself to just do a little more of something different each day is not an easy feat especially when each time I'm done with my homework my eyelids are so heavy that I retire to my bed and fall asleep in the midst of praying. 'Amen' in the morning yeah...

I'm finally done with my vlog during my week back home in Kuala Lumpur! The original footage compilation was over 30 minutes long so it took me quite some time to narrow it down to 3 minutes plus. In honest words, after living in Singapore for 2 months, going back home I felt more like a tourist than being a local. So much has changed within that span of time, and it makes me feel as if all the while when I was home everything happened as if it was an illusion.

It really felt great to be among my family and cats during that week however being home after so long I really felt as if I don't belong at home anymore. Not that I don't belong as part of my family (I always will) but it felt as if I don't fit the norm of Malaysian anymore. Guess I breathe in too much foreign air haha!

This was just around 2 weeks ago when I was having fun being silly and all with my best friend, Angel, while she was still single. She recently got a boyfriend and it was a shocking news to me! I felt really excited for her and kept teasing her about it. ❤ Seeing couples getting all lovey dovey, I admit that sometimes I feel envious of them. However, I do know that I have things I want to achieve within these few years and I am putting priority into my passion and career for now. I'm only 18+ after all, why rush things? :)

October 6, 2014

Orchard Shopping

Everytime I am able to update my blog, I feel so grateful, truly, that I have some time to do something else other than homework. I wish I have 48 hours per day! Back when I went through the interview to enter Lasalle I clearly remember being questioned, 'Are you prepared to spend 24/7 on art?' Now I have understood what they meant after 2 months of school.

Every 7 weeks we get our well deserved holiday, except that this time it isn't really a break as they would call it 'Project Week' where we complete any backlogs during this week. No attendance for the week so of course I choose to go home! My week in KL will be the upcoming post but for now, here's the day before I return home.

I think I've said this before but one good thing about studying abroad is the new faces you meet in a new environment, and the best part is that you're not the only 'tourist' as there are friends from other parts of the world too! Meet Cindy from Taiwan, we met during orientation and instantly clicked. We're now in different class but I'm glad to be able to still keep cheering for each other while stressing over our never-ending homework. Anyways, that day we went out to 'celebrate' the first day of our first ever college break. Having a nice good meal, buying some desserts and enjoying window shopping feels really great when you're doing that with a friend. Of course, all conversation were in Chinese and I don't know why, perhaps it's a Malaysian thing that whenever we hear a different accent we try to imitate it. Which was embarrassing to hear my voice on record. Which was why I edited them out. :P

Just before I end, I'd just like to say Thank You to everyone who's excited about my birthday with the arrival of October! :P #HalloweenBaby