May 27, 2014

Goodbye, Old Makeup!

I've got to say wearing old makeup has got to be one of the most terrible things to do. Each makeup product has a certain shelf life span and an expiry span no matter which brand it is from. But I'm pretty sure we all have some old makeup in our storage.

Around 2 months ago I've been noticing frequent breakouts and blemishes which I thought were maybe just some teenage thing. I tried to save my skin by paying more attention to my skin care routine while spending some unnecessary money in the process. Nothing's wrong with my skin care routine, I had the usual cleanser, toner, moisturizers, face scrub and also some acne products to fight off those blemishes. I still had to do reviews on my blog so I tried to cover up with even more base makeup and with the help of photoshop but only later I realized that the source of my problem was my foundation.


Like many others, I don't keep track of when I bought my makeup so I forgot about how long I had been using them. I knew makeup has to be thrown away after a certain period of time, but I don't know when and like many other girls, we can't afford to buy new makeup all the time so we tend to keep them as long as we can. However, in the long run, as more blemishes appears, we tend to spend even more into skin care instead which I believe the amount of money spent on those could've bought you a new foundation instead.

Every product has its own shelf life span from the day of production. If a product had not been opened since the day of the production till the day of expiration eg. 2 years, it has expired. However if the product was opened within the last few months till the date of expiration, it will expire on the day of expiration even though it can last up to 1 year after opening. But if the product has been opened for 1 year before the expiration date reaches, it is also considered as an expired product. (Click here for more info) Below's a list for your reference:


For natural and organic products, they usually last up to 6 months only as they are preservative free. That means bacteria can easily catch in them. Additionally, it if smells bad, feels dry or has a change in texture, you know it's time to toss them away. But of course, you've got to keep them closed tightly for hygiene purposes! Also remember to clean your brushes fortnightly with a brush cleanser or shampoo. (I usually wash my brushes in the shower, haha!)

I thought that it might be a little wordy but I hope it was helpful. I never thought of actually writing this until it happened to me, but oh well, you'll never learn if you never failed. I'm still on my way in recovering my skin from blemishes so I'm staying away from makeup as best as I can. My relatives are visiting all the way from Canada for 3 weeks and we'll be traveling locally together and I'm really excited about that! :D They will be arriving at the airport soon so I've got to get ready to meet them in a few hours time. :D
May 17, 2014

{Review} Geo Xtra 3 Tone WT-B74 Brown

There isn't anything quite like heavy cat eyes makeup and light coloured iris. The combination is just so sexy and has that attraction which pulls you in. You want to focus the attention on your eyes; after all, eyes are the window to your soul. That said, I've always been searching for lenses which brings out that effect but often they don't work as well on my deep brown eyes.

This month decided to sponsor me again with another pair of lenses so I chose Geo Xtra 3 Tone WT-B74 Brown. Usually I'd go for grey, but I wanted a little change from my usual pick and went for brown instead. The pictures on the website displayed great contrast of the pupil and the iris so I thought I'd try them out and see how they fair on my eyes.





Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.7mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal





Similar to other Geo lenses, this pair of lenses were pretty soft and was really comfortable in my on my eyes. Design wise, these had a limbal ring but it isn't that solid to give you dolly eyes. I really love the fine blend of colours and as regards to the colour, it does not appear to be much of brown but instead of hazel tone, giving you a soft gold hint in the eyes. When it comes down to enlargement, I've got to say that 15mm was really off my comfort zone as I'm used to 14.5mm which I take it as the right size for my eyes. Without eye makeup, it made my eyes looked googly and alienish but if you're keen in iris enlargement I'd recommend you to try out 15mm ones.

I took this set of photos indoor, with a steady LED light. Colour and vibrancy of the lenses may differ in different situations but in my opinion, being indoors without bright light make these lenses appear to be much duller and you won't get a strong contrast of your iris and pupil. I'd say these pair fared 5 out of 10 in my quest to search for that right pair of lenses for the sexy alluring cat eye look. Still, they're worth a try! :D



I'm really happy to be collaborating with again for this month's lens review post. Truth be told, they actually sent me 2 pairs of lenses so you can expect another lens review to be up by this month! I'm really grateful for the lens sponsor as I get to try out new lenses plus including my existing lenses, I must say that I have more pairs than I have needed. Nowadays circle lenses are a big trend and they complete your makeup look thus it's no wonder how people are always switching between lenses for different occasions!

Speaking of which, I can't help but to notice how fast my hair grows! It's barely 2 months since I bleached it and my roots have already grown out so long before I can even save up enough for touch ups. They say blonde hair needs a lot of commitment and maintenance and now I fully understand why. I'm not sure if I should keep it blonde, go lighter or do an ombre for my next visit to the hairstylist. I'll be starting my college in Singapore from August onwards and it's not till 4 months later only I'll come back to Malaysia to get my hair colour touch up. Prices in Singapore are just way too expensive and I've got to say that I'm afraid of letting unfamiliar stylists to bleach my hair because bleaching is irreversible and requires lots of technique to get it right.
May 13, 2014

Orihara Izaya Photoshoot

The last time I've done a cosplay photoshoot was back in December at Comic Fiesta. I only got my camera for 2 months back then and only after 4 months I'm finally doing another cosplay photoshoot. The cosplayer was obviously my friend, Ky Li, whom had let me use her a my guinea pig to practice on cosplay shoots. :3 I sincerely felt much at ease shooting my friends than others whom I'm not familiar with, because fiddling with your camera and requesting shots after shots isn't really nice towards people you just met.

She did a Orihara Izaya genderbend cosplay from Durarara! so the setting of the abandoned mall at C2age was perfect for this photoshoot. I tend to prefer cosplay photographs with a suitable setting to represent the story of anime itself rather than just pretty shots. The place didn't have good lightning so it was really hard to capture these shots. With my limited camera equipment, I tried my best to edit them and to clear up the noise as much as possible while retaining the sharpness of the image. I used my Sony NEX-5R paired with SEL1650 lens as usual.


For this photoshoot I had Angel's help in trying to get some poses for Ky Li which would suit her character and look nice in images. She also helped me a lot in filtering the shots (^^) Sadly I didn't get to shoot Angel's Amy cosplay from Suisei no Gargantia as we couldn't find a suitable setting around the area so we might go for another photoshoot next time (^^) I've really got to thank my friends Ky Li and Angel for making these shots possible! I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome so far compared to back then. I love the high angle shots at the escalator especially since I don't always get to do high angle shots on a flat ground as I'm rather short compared to the models.....
May 11, 2014

Meeting Reika and Hiiro @ C2age 2014

I was C2age yesterday with my best friends, Angel and Ky Li! I was there since 7.30am as I stayed over at Angel's house the day before and she had to arrive early since she was a volunteer for C2age. The event starts at 10am so naturally I was way too early but it's always nice to see people setting up booths and witnessing the countdown to the start of the event. It was held at Help CAT college like last year so the venue was pretty small but it was still filled with event goers and cosplayers. I don't cosplay anymore so I went there for the event and also for meeting Reika and Hiiro. Reika especially, since last year I only saw her from afar and didn't get to take pictures of her clearly. (^^;)

Honestly, the even was pretty bland to me, nothing else really caught my attention other than the special guests invited. Normally I would be spazzing out seeing awesome cosplays but the magic didn't seem to be there when I was there yesterday. Perhaps I was just too tired from waking up at 6am, who knows?


The highlight of the day was of course the meet and greet session. We paid RM30 on the spot for the so-called meet and greet, only to know that it turned out to be a fan signing event. RM30 for autographs? I'm not sure if I can be happy about that. This was before we knew what we paid for lol.

The committee announced that no photos with the cosplayer and no skinship is allowed unless otherwise approved by the cosplayer themselved. It felt really unfair to be honest, since we actually paid to enter the event and paying extra for the fan meeting only to get an autograph. This was where we mustered out our bravery out of nowhere. Seeing those before us had hugs with them and took picture of them, we decided that three of us will share a photo together with Reika and Hiiro. At least that saves time and doesn't distrupt the flow of the fan signing that much, haha (^^;) When it was finally our turn to meet them, Angel got hers signed by Reika first then Hiiro. Behind her was me getting mine signed by Reika and when both of us are finally in front of them, we decided to ask them directly in Japanese if it was okay for us to take a picture all together with them both! They were perfectly okay with it and we quickly took a selfie of five of us! :D Mission accomplished YAY!


Here's the photo! I'm really happy about it but I hope I had remembered to set the settings for my camera aperture for group photo! (;A;) Both Reika and Hiiro were blurred out being at the back but oh well, at least we got them in the shot. :/ We were terribly nervous thus our faces all looked funny in the picture but it serves as a nice memory nonetheless. :')

We actually learned from Ky Li's sister afterwards that the audience was gasping when they saw us taking a picture. And Angel told me some of the committee were saying things like 'selfie girls, selfie girls' about us. Shoving all things aside, we still got a picture with them in the end with their permission and I feel that that's what matter most. I secretly think that our Rm30 was quite worth it in the end. :3


Autographs from Reika and Hiiro! :D I love Reika's recent Joker cosplay so much and I knew I had to get this print of hers! Though I wished that the one she took in Romania would be available too but I'm much satisfied having one of her prints. :) I didn't buy Hiiro's print though but Angel bought it. Before we got to the stage for our turn to meet them, Angel insisted that I let Hiiro sign my sketch of her cosplay print and I'm glad she told me so! Hiiro was really surprised and she kindly signed it for me (^^)

The meet and greet session was the last slot of the day's happening and I left around 7.30pm. That's like 12 hours being at an event and I guess I'm deserving what I should today since I couldn't wake up for church and my leg hurts from muscle cramp :( I finally met Reika and Hiiro so I'm staying at home today instead of going to the event again :P I did a mini photoshoot with Ky Li and I'll be posting those photos soon. (^^)
May 8, 2014


First of all, I must say that I'm terribly sorry for not blogging lately. I've been busy wasting my time on anime, manga, drama, variety shows and painting. (Wait, maybe painting's not so bad after all...) To compensate for the lack of updates, here's another set of cat pictures hoping that the cuteness would satisfy you. I promise I will blog about interesting things soon, like the upcoming C2age and some beauty reviews. :)

Last week, my brother brought back a kitten from his school. It's a boy and it's really cute, being so small and such thus I couldn't resist from whipping out my camera and lying down on the floor to capture its cuteness. Which might've scared the little thing with shutter sounds continuously for 10 minutes. Since we have 2 cats at home already we decided that we will send him to a better home once he grows stronger and named him Timmy for the time being. He moves very fast thus most of the pictures were blurry but he learns fast so that's good. (^^)


Timmy: I love hiding at dark spots especially in between legs!


Timmy: Stop sniffing me all over.


Dolly: Hey! Where are you going? I'm not done yet!
Timmy: Away from you at least.

Dolly was born in our house so he's really kind and friendly with people. He's been taking care of Timmy since he came to the point where he doesn't get to sleep much or eat much as he tend to him. He's looking more tired than usual lately so I hope there won't be any health problems with him; afterall we love him so dearly. Anko on the other hand, hates strangers and has been hissing at Timmy since day 1 so she has isolated herself all the way up at the attic ever since. Funny thing is that she hates going downstairs to relieve herself since Timmy is there she actually pee-d on my parents' bed a few nights ago. Obviously my parents were mad about it and we had to shut her out of our rooms in case she does it again. Eww...
May 3, 2014

Exfoliate 'em!

How's your weekend coming along? It's Saturday and I think weekend's the time to take a break, relax and pamper yourself. One of the self pamper things I do, other than pigging out, is to give myself time for a nice bath and scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells. Scrubs are really good to clean out blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells, you'll never know how much of these things are layered over your skin until you scrub and see the difference! By cleaning the dirt off your skin, your skin will appear brighter and it enables better absorption of other skin care products! On a side note, scrubbing off dead skin cells helps to slow down aging. Even though I'm not at that age of skin aging yet, it's always good to start early as prevention is better than cure ;)

I have 3 scrubs myself, one for body, one for face and one for lip. Scrubs have different texture and granule sizes, and if they are too harsh for certain parts of the skin on your body, you might over scrub your skin and that's not good. It's like destroying the protective layer you see... Also, some scrubs comes with moisturizing agents, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized after scrubbing off the unwanted dirt. Of course, you can DIY scrubs at home, but I'm really lazy to do so so I'd purchase scrubs from stored instead.



Soap & Glory's Flake Away Body Scrub has been my favourite body scrub so far. I love it so much ever since I bought it back in November in Bangkok and now I'm already using my third tub which I bought locally at Sephora for RM39. You won't believe when I say I have very dry skin on my calves, but yes I have and they are dry to the point where it flakes off. Thus the tagline on the packaging really caught my eye but of course, the pink and vintage packaging caught my eye first, haha! It's a combination of shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar and it smells so so great.

It scrubs really well, not too harsh or too gentle in my opinion and I thought it resembles spa scrubs texture. Oh yay, now you can have a mini spa session at home! What I really love aside from scrubbing is that it contains shea butter and almond oil, which are known for moisturizing your skin. So if you have slightly dry skin, I think it's enough to lock in the moisture after scrubbing. It has a really smooth finish, almost like a film to your skin after you wash it off but once you dry your skin it feels just right. :) Comes in 300ml and it lasts me a over a month on alternative days of scrubbing.


Aside from flaking skin on my calves, I have flaking lips too. Maybe I'm just dehydrated, let me get a cup of water..... I'm back! Flaking lips are of course a big no no, not only your lipstick doesn't look great, it's really unglam to be peeling the skin on your lips when you're out (I'm guilty of that too). I got a lip scrub from Innisfree when I went Singapore in March. It's $7 for 9g which might sound a little pricey but you only use a small amount to scrub your lips so it'll actually last quite long. It has a gentle fragrance and the texture is creamy. The granules are very fine but it does the job just fine. I love how it leaves my lips feeling so plump and soft after scrubbing! I like to use it then apply a layer of lip balm before I apply any lipstick or lip tint so that it keeps it even more moisturized. (^^)


For facial scrub, I've been using Etude House's Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub. I got mine quite long ago so I can't recall the price. It comes in a triangular packaging and has individual mini packaging, suitable for travel use! I love it because it's really small and I can bring it along with my when I'm travelling. (^^) I have combination skin and I have blackhead, whiteheads and dull skin troubles. It scrubs gently with baking soda and removes some blackheads and dead skin cells. I use it 2 to 3 times a week and each time my skin feels much cleaner and smoother. Although it doesn't remove stubborn blackheads, which a lot of products I've used can't do that too, it removes most of the tiny ones which is good enough for me.

Oh, and like I've mentioned how skin care absorbs better after scrubbing, I like to use facial mask or clay mask after this and it makes my skin feels even better! I'd recommend you to give that a try :D

Have a good weekend ahead and reward yourself for your hard work over the days with some self-pampering time!