September 18, 2013

Pictures of Anko

These days I've just been lazing around, partially because of those monthly blues I guess, so I haven't been doing any reviews or tutorials lately. Anyways, I was just lazing on my parents' bed the other day where my cat 'sister' sleeps every noon so I decided to snap a few pictures of her.

Her name is Anko (you probably already knew) and that stands for red bean. I came up with the name because is sounds really cute and sweet as well. But this girl is a total opposite of the name since she's more of a cool beauty, haha!

Sometimes I do think that we have similar traits, like we both dislike socializing that much and would rather be left alone than being in the crowd. That doesn't mean we're 'hermits' since we love to dig into things to know about everything, hahaha! She loves affection once in a while though! :P

I love this picture! The only light source was the sunlight from outside. Just the other day at dawn, the ceiling light in my parents' room fell down (we're still using those fluorescent light tubes) hence there wasn't any light source other than the sun. Personally I have a preference of natural light over electrical light source. I feel that it illuminates the subject and creates a warm atmosphere. :)

Here's her annoyed face after being disturbed by me snapping pictures of her sleeping continuously. I can imagine her saying 'Enough of this already, let me sleep!' It's the exact expression I make when I get mad at my brother lol!

Oh btw, it's my birthday next month and I will finally get my longed for camera! Honestly I've been saving since last year for this present for myself and I have almost come to the end of my goal! When you want something earnestly and put effort into obtaining it, it feels so much better than asking it from your parents. To me, it's not the amount of money I saved that's important, it was the process of saving which holds the true meaning to my gladness. :)

I've been interested in photography since long ago and my close friends know that too. All these while I have been using only my 5MP phone camera which I must say did a fairly well job in capturing all the post moments. Although the quality is not that great, I'm happy to reminisce through the photos I took. That's why I wanted to take my photography interest onto another level by investing in a proper camera. :)
September 16, 2013

What I've discovered of The Secret

I guess sometimes your cleaning mood just strikes out of the blue. I actually CLEANED MY ROOM thoroughly in months! I know it seems I've been living in a dirty environment all these while, oops!!!

Whilst every major cleaning session I would surely throw junk out of my room. Things I bought some time ago yet never got to use them, got tired of or things which I received but have no use of. Sometimes seeing back pieces of memories which I've collected bit by bit all these years, although they are quite meaningful to me, sometimes I have no use of that something anymore. What would you do in such circumstances?

For me, the easiest is to throw them away if they mean not much value to you anymore. You may feel a little sad to throw them but if you think again, if throwing them away doesn't make much changes to you, I guess that's fine after all. People come and go by, and things come and go by as well. No matter how important that something might be, one day when you leave the world, what is it that you can bring away with you?

Material things are things which you can't bring over to the other side once you life ends here. You can have all the money, golds, silver and jewels but they can't accompany you forever. We hold on to something because they reminds you of a piece of memory, whether it's sweet or in certain circumstances, not. But I feel that what's most important from these things are the feelings you gain with people. For example, you can receive gifts from you loved ones every year, but the meaning which lies in these gifts are their feeling of love for you, and that I think is the true gift.

Believing in God has helped me see the truth. Remember I used to read and practice The Secret? I finish them last year and have since placed them in my bookshelf, never touching them. Not sure why, I decided to clean today, and I took those books out again. I had a feeling that these books weren't teaching the truth, although they did include scriptures from the Bible itself. I know I was crazy about them last year but I decided to Googled them relating to Christianity today and I finally confirmed the truth myself.

These books were good in terms of teaching you to be positive and be grateful however, many times they have misinterpreted God's words and have build up a psychological  concept that you can gain whatever you want, thereby placing YOU as the divine controller, in other words, you are the God. Now, in most religions we believe that we have a God above us and God is the creator of universe. Why is it that these books tell us that we can shift the universe to manifest around us? To gain anything we want? Doesn't that put us in the place of God? Do you actually think you can get everything you want and the result of misfortunes are sometimes your own negative thinkings? NO!

As the saying goes, 'When there is a will, there is a way'. Although it is possible for us to achieve goals when we work hard for it, there is a limit to these words. Certain things are just wrong for us to get them. Let's just say if you want someone else's spouse, and you apply The Secret theory to it, do you actually think that you can get the person to love you? Even if you do, is that even right?

I felt that the whole theory makes one become self-centered and materialistic. In fact, I can't believe I had been blinded by these thoughts all these while! Now I'm really glad that I've finally found the truth, through the words of God himself. Jesus is my Lord and I believe solely in Him. I see that even in down times, he had always tried to hold onto my hand, never letting go. I'm truly blessed to have Him in my life. He is my strength, power, and above all, my father in heaven. Amen.
September 10, 2013

Gradient Lips Tutorial

Gradient lips are SOOOO popular right now! They started as a boom in Korea and are now brought onto the runway too! And the best thing is, it's really easy to achieve gradient lips effects, which is what I'll be showing you in this tutorial! :D

Gradient lips or so known as ombre lips or stained lips have been around for quite some time. I remembered I first saw them a few years back with those visual kei styles, from red to black usually but there are many variety as well. In Korea, gradient lips are very popular as they gives you that dolly, kissable bitten lips look. In fact, there are so many types of gradients you can try out but I'm just going to show you on the basic steps to get that everyday gradient lips look and the different varieties you can try on!

Gradient lips are as simple as 1, 2, 3! (Ok, maybe not here since there's six steps :P)

1. Moisturize! This step is very important, especially for gradient lips. As you apply concealer (later on) it will dry out your lips so prior moisturizing is crucial! Cracked lips are a big no no! And it'll also makes your lip application looks messy. :(

2. Using light motions, dab the concealer along the edges of your lips. There are lip concealers in the market but I prefer to use concealer itself. The one I'm using here is Etude House's Surprise Stick Concealer in shade 2.

3. Blend it out with your finger!

4. Next, choose a lip tint/ lipstick of your choice and dab it on the inner parts of your lips. I like to make five small dots. The lip tint I'm using here is Relay Race by M.A.C.

5. Again, blend it out with your finger. Try to keep the gradient by not over-blending.

6. Finally finish up with a clear lipgloss. I'm using Jelly Drop Gloss by Nature Republic.

And it's done! Can't believe it's so simple right? And the effect is really pretty as well!

Alternatively, if you want to keep your fingers clean while blending, you can use a lip brush instead. The effect is nearly the same. :)

And here are some different variations!

Instead of using red lip tint, here I'm using red lipstick.

Hot Pink Gradient! Check out my new shades from Ellui! I finally got myself a pair of round shades and I love them so much!

Light Pink Gradient. The pink is not very visible as it's really light, but if you like this effect you can try it out too. :) Instead of a normal nude lip with orangey tint, having some pink changes the feel of the look! :D

Lastly, here is also another type of variation you can try. I did not conceal my lips here.

First I applied coral lipstick onto the whole of my lips. Then, I used the red lip tint and blend out for a red to coral gradient. Another idea you can try is a hot pink to light pink gradiation.

Have fun trying and if you have more ideas on gradient lip colour, do leave them in the comments below! Good Luck! :D
September 5, 2013

{Review} Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion


As you know, I'm an avid user of Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream which I've done a review on. In fact, I love Etude House's product so much I decided to visit their outlet again last weekend! This time, I got their latest product which is the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. It's priced at RM109.90, a bit pricey to me, but they are having a promotion right now that if you buy the Precious Mineral Any Cushion, you'll get an EXTRA PUFF, a CC CREAM sample and a MIRROR.

I got mine in the shade of Honey Beige W24. Printed on the packaging of the product that it has SPF50+ and PA+++ which is recommended for long hours of sun exposure. The product also claims that the cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle reducing, sebum control and flawless coverage. Let's see how well the product fare shall we? :)

Upon opening the product, you can see that there's a seal for hygiene purposes and to maintain the quality of the product.


Look how tired and sullen my face is. It's almost the time of the month and I have some blemishes on my face, especially my nose and forehead area.


The recommended usage of the product is gently patting onto your skin. It utilizes the Cushion Cell-trap technology which is relatively new in the market. The cushion does not absorb the liquid itself, ensuring perfect coverage and has a cooling effect too. In fact, it should lessen down the time spent on foundation compared to applying with your fingers.

My verdict?
While it does brighten and moisturize my skin, the coverage is still pretty okay. Slightly better than normal BB cream coverage (applied with fingers) but it couldn't cover up my blemishes on my forehead that well. However, it did cover up 80% of my under eye circles (which are terrible lately because I stayed up late catching up dramas). Sebum control wise, I think that this product does a pretty good job! :D I had it on the whole day and only my T-zone got slightly oilier. However, I myself would recommend you to set the foundation with a loose mineral powder to keep it long lasting.

While the cushion pact was able to reach most parts on my face, it didn't do as well on the sides of my nose. Instead of patting, I had to gently sweep the product on.

Given the price and the quality of this product, I would say that if you don't have troubled skin, then this foundation would do all the job you. At RM109.90, if you still need to apply extra concealer on certain areas then I would recommend you to buy the Precious Mineral BB cream instead. However, the product has extra sun protection of SPF50+/PA+++ as compared to Precious Mineral BB cream which has SPF30/PA++.

With eye, cheeks and lips makeup on.

Look at my coincidentally matching nails! :D You can see that the product looks natural too under sunlight. However, if you're planning to use this foundation for a night out, I would advise you to refrain so as it contains SPF which would cause you to look over exposed in flash photography.

Oh! By the way, if you push the back of the compact, the product should pop out. I'm not sure if it's refillable or not as the product is still fresh in the market and no refillable product is released yet. I will be updating you if it's available. :)

The review was typed out with my sincere thoughts. I bought the product with my own money so this is not a sponsored post in any way. I only hope that the review is able to help you in deciding on your choice to purchase the product or not. :)

Also, if there are any sponsoring offer, please contact me at

See you soon~!
September 4, 2013

3D Flower nails

Time sure passes pass and it's September already. Time to sleep, wake me up when September ends. :) Haha!

Anyways, lately I've been busy with nail art again and if you follow me on Instagram (@haniekuar) you'll see recent updates filled with pictures mostly on nails. I'm almost done with my course now, I'm left with 3D art and folk art course. Oh, by the way, I take my classes at Colour Culture (OPI Nail Academy), Northpoint, Midvalley.

I've been struggling with acrylic nails. I'm good in art, but not that good in stuff which involves sculpting. A total opposite from my mom who's really good in stuff like that. I'm the type who would get fed up with sculpting halfway and just flatten the whole thing. I've lost count on how many fake nails I threw away while I practiced, lol.

So I've finally got the hang of it and here are some pictures showing you my creations!

My current nails!

Good thing about learning nail art is that you'll save all the extra bucks of going to a nail salon, unless you want to get pampered, hahaha! But the bad thing is if you're not ambidextrous, then you'll end up with one hand with pretty nails and the other not as pretty. :(

I've been watching so many videos on Youtube on 3D nails and they surely helped me a lot! Personally, I love to find Japanese videos although I can only understand partly but their skills are amazing! I did these roses after watching several videos. It's my first attempt actually since my teacher hasn't taught me how to do roses yet, but I think it looks pretty fine! :D

My nail art 'homework'

You won't believe how long these took me to finish! From the base colour all the way to the flowers, I had to gradually build up each layer with LOTS of patience. I just finish it an hour ago and here I'm blogging about them, because I really want to show you! :D

I have another set which is yet to be done, which I guess I'll be showing them by this week! :D

My nail art course should finish around a months plus. Then I guess I still have some time before I start my college. I'm planning to do freelancing but I'm not sure where to begin actually, I've only done them for a few friends and mostly my mom, hahaha! Isn't it nice to have a daughter who does nail art? :P

Setting aside the nail art stuff, I've recently purchased some new items from Etude House again! I'm a huge fan of theirs and I'm building up a collection already! I've got some of their newest products and I'll be doing review on them real soon, and also some tutorials too. Do follow my blog on Imotiv, Bloglovin or GFC! <3