August 31, 2011

2011 Gyaru Autumn Trends


Autumn is coming soon so it's time to switch from Summer fashion trends to Autumn fashion trends!

September issue of Popteen has showed some key points for this Autumn. I find that this Autumn will be more focused on retro and passive colours. ( 'w') And before I translate some of the scans I would like to point out that my translations are not perfect, I only wanted to share it with my readers. (^^)

Basically, for the first part, the scans have already self explained the trends. But in case you still don't understand I'll still translate the keywords. (^^)v

So let's start!

1. Blouse

2. Pleated skirt

3. Tailored collar

4. Retro prints

5. Grandpa pants

6. Suspender

7. Leather shorts

8. Wave hem shorts

9. Autumn puffy shorts

10. Retro colours

11. Flying squirrel style

12. Long cardigan

13. Turtle neck

14. Corduroy

15. Fringe

16. Velour

17. Loosely drape clothing

18. Sectioned fur

19. Leopard print

20. Neon colour

21. Sun tan style

22. Platform heels

23. Collar

24. Blogger hat

25. Bag with a front flap with buckles

26. One point deka long necklace

27. Colour tights

The next section introduces items to buy for Autumn according to the season change. Here, I'm going to summarise the important points. (^^)

For the start of Autumn,

- Checkered prints

This Autumn's trends focuses on British x Retro Trad Style. For Autumn, passive colours and big checkered prints are prefered.

- Tops

Tops made of chiffon material or with knitted details and are light-weighted.

- Accessories

Since Autumn trend is focused on Retro style, red, blue, beige, bold colours, navy colours, camel colour would bring out this season's trend.

As for mid-Autumn,

- One piece

Cooling materials with bold colours, khaki etc. are Autumn trend's picks!

And when it gets cooler,

- Light-weight outers

Knitted outers, jackets or trench coats from Summer trend are brought to Autumn trend with a slight change in terms of design.

- Warm materials

Autumn marks the beginning of knitted, fur and wool items. Leopard prints are still in trend too!

And those are my selections from September issue of Popteen which I thought would be useful to share. I hope you understood and if you have any questions, please leave them under the comments section!

My eye infection is getting better now. It still itches every now and then but the pinkish layer is not really visible now. (^^) I hope it heals soon!

Also, I'm halfway done with my new blog layout! Customizing html codes is really challenging! But I'll do my best!

So that's it for now,

See you!
August 30, 2011

Shopping day for three of us~


Yesterday I went out with Angel and Ky Li (or Sasure who won my first giveaway!). They arrived late so in the end I waited for them for around 2 hours...

Camwhoring down the escalator! \(^^)/ Success!

Outfit of the day~

I always have non-matching shoes... Somehow I still can't find a pair that I like that is affordable... (- -;)

Anyways, we went to several places, but we didn't take many photos. ( > <) Most places were crowded as the Hari Raya festival approaches so there were crowds doing last-minute shopping that day.

I had 'Bahkuteh' bun and a Watermelon with sago dessert for lunch. (^^) It was refreshing after walking in the heat...

I bought some stuff but I'll show them in another post. Hehe.

Recently I've been shopping around shopping malls in Bukit Bintang like Sungei Wang, Fahrenheit 88 and Pavillion quite frequently. But I find that fashion in Sungei Wang is so outdated now and the stuff there aren't as nice anymore... I guess I'll just stick to shopping at other malls with better quality shops around that area. Well, I actually find Fahrenheit 88 really nice since there are lots of Japanese style inspired stuff there. Hehe. (^^;)

One last camwhore picture for the day.

My skin isn't in good condition lately. I'm getting lots of oil pores and it's super annoying. Also, today I just got an eye infection (- -). I'm suspecting that it's Pink Eye or Conjuntivitis but I can't be sure yet. I wanted to go and check but I guess most clinics are closed due to the Hari Raya festival.

But I've got a few interesting posts lined up so I'll still keep my blog updated. (^^)

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers! (^^)

That's it for now,


Review: Magic Cosmetic Contact Lenses in Grey

Recently PinkyParadise sent me a pair of lenses to review.

They sent me these lenses along with a cute animal lens case! \(^^)/

Before going into the review, I must say that their service was awesome! My emails were replied fast and the shipping took only a few days!

Here's how the pair of lenses look like.

It's called Magic Cosmetic Contact Lens which is also known as Venus Eye.

Magic Cosmetic Contact Lenses in Grey:
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year

Caution Notes:

You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.

Without contact lens.

With contact lens under fluorescent lightning.

With flash and with eye make.

It's my first time trying Grey lenses and I expected them to be much visible through my dark brown eyes. However, these weren't as I expected but they would have looked better for natural eye make instead of Gyaru. The design was very unique though.

One thing I must say is that these lenses were super soft! They are so soft till I was afraid of tearing them when I took them out of the lens case! Haha! And when I wore them, I didn't feel anything!

At 14.5mm, sadly I didn't see much enlargement in this pair...

I would love these lenses if they were more visible. But the comfort and design of these were really good so I had to give the overall rating as four stars. (^^) Also, I would wear these lenses when I wear natural eye make up or on days where I'm too lazy to put on any make up as they look really natural hence not creating that alien eye look. Hehe!

PinkyParadise have also kindly sent me a coupon code for me to share with my readers so they can get a free cute animal lens case and mystery gifts with every lens they purchase. Simply enter the discount code myauclub when you confirm your order.

PinkyParadise sells more than 350 choices of circle lenses, lashes, BB cream and many other products. They have ready stocks so your items will be shipped within 1-3 days. So do check them out! (^^)

Lastly, I would like to thank PinkyParadise for sending me these lenses to review.

See you soon!

August 28, 2011

Announcing Giveaway WINNER!!!


By the time you read the title of this post, I'm sure you're just as excited as I am if you have entered my first giveaway. Winner is going to be chosen using

Without further ado, I will now announce the WINNER of my first giveway!!!!!

Who will win? Who will win? 8(>w<)8

Entry 65,



Winner has been notified. If winner does not respond within 3 days, prizes will be forfeited and another winner will be picked.

Well, the fact that Sasure is actually my close friend is just pure coincidence. The result was judged fairly using and it somehow generated that entry number.

I'm really happy to have received 157 entries for my first giveaway! If it wasn't for everyone's support, it wouldn't have been so successful. Even though you didn't win, I really want to express my gratefulness to all of you who participated. Thank you very much!!!

Anyways, please continue to support me and I will do my best to post up lots of interesting posts! \(^^)/

That's it for now,

See you!
August 26, 2011

Giveaway ending soon!

It's been a while!

Sorry for not blogging for the past few days... m(_ _)m

I have about 15 homework of 7 subjects to be done. And thanks to that, I haven't got enough sleep recently. But no worries! The whole of the following week is school holiday so I'm going to get plenty of sleep and blog more too. \(^^)/

I have several posts coming up, including a contact lens review (I'm really excited for that) and a tutorial. (^^) Also, I will be changing my blog layout soon! \(^^)/

Anyways, my first giveaway is ending soon. So please help me spread about it, alright? I would like to have more readers to stand a chance to win it. (^^)

And here are some past photos...

This was when I first started to catch an interest in Ageha styles!

See you soon!

August 20, 2011

Questions answered!


So my camera's memory card problem is still not solved yet which means I cannot post up any tutorials at the moment. So sorry!

In my giveaway form, I have included a space where you can ask me any questions so today I'm going to answer them! If you haven't enter my first giveaway, please do so!

So let's start with the questions!

severus love: ur skincare routineeeeeeee!!!! do you ever HAVE blesmish or flaw??
ur skin so perfect~~

I'm actually pretty lazy with that. Most of the time I only wash my face and that's it. Occasionally I'll apply scrub, toner and mosturizer. I guess I'm lucky because I don't really have pimples. But my biggest problems are oil pores and black heads.

Evie: Why did you start to like reading japanese magazines?!
I find them cute? I rememebered I was going through the pop culture styles in Japan and I stumbled across Ageha magazine scans. I fell in love immediately. Although I don't read Ageha anymore but from there I discovered more japanese magazines. My favourite one right now is Popteen.

broken angel: what's your fav clothing brand?
I don't own much branded clothes but my favourite Gyaru brands are Ank Rouge, Cecil Mcbee and Liz Lisa

Ljusia: How are you sou pretty? ;--;
I'm not that pretty, haha. Partially because I was born with decent facial parts and lots of hard work in make up, hair and fashion.

Sweetshenanigans: What's your favorite bb cream?
I have only used Elianto's BB cream so far but I don't really like it. I've tested Skin 79's BB cream before and I love the tone of that BB cream. Would try that when I finish my current one. (^^)

Lina Kim ♥: what's your favorite type of blog?

I love blogs that has beautiful pictures or with interesting information.

Angel: What is your favorite color?
Pink and Red! White is not considered as a colour but I like it too. (^^) So you see my blog layout is mostly made up of my favourite colour... Hehe...

QwiEe Qumiko: "I just want to ask.. do you know chinese? or japanese?? haha

AND... I want that Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue !!!"

I know Chinese! I'm not very good in it but it's still ok... I stopped learning it when I was 10. As for Japanese, I have not taken any classes before. I am self studying it.

Rachel Villanueva: any tips on taking care of wash & wear hair? :)
Wear hair? (O~O)??

My tip for washing hair is to wash it under cold water as it helps to ensure better blood circulation and to close up the hair follicles for shinier hair. (^^)

Kimi x Kimi: How is your cosplay progress coming along? I hope well!
It's coming along quite well! I have found where to get the wigs and have decided on the contact lens as well. I only need to wait till the tailor is free to accept my costume commission and to get the materials for the prop. (^^)v

Edith: How long did it take for you to become a gyaru? + I like your giveaway prizes.
Thanks for liking the prizes! \(^^)/

I'm not fully Gyaru yet but judging from how I look so far it has been 2 years since I started to learn make up by myself. It started from simple eyelining, false eyelashes, contact lens, foundation, hair then fashion.

PockyLove13: What is your favorite style to wear?

My favourite styles are sweet-cute style, blogger style, casual style and anime inspired style. Sometimes I try out different styles when I feel like it. Hehe

Oreo: What does your family think of you wearing a lot of make up and trying Japanese/gyaru style? Just wondering since some people's families don't like it. Interesting question! My parents don't really mind. They only complain things like 'What if your relatives see you like this?'. But I don't really care. Haha... Sometimes even my brother (he's 8) comments on how I looked and it helps me to improve myself. (^^)

Feezah: What do you think about ganguro style? :p

Personally I don't get why people liked it. (- -) They look weird and scary to me...

jessnghc: what is your fave makeup products?
False eyelashes, Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner, M.A.C eyeshadows, Candy Doll~

Ok, done! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers just as I enjoyed answering them. Hehe.

Somehow I enjoyed being questioned... Maybe it's because I'm #foreveralone so being able to connect with my blog readers makes me feel good. (^^;)

If you haven't join the giveaway yet, please join!


And if you have any questions to ask me please leave them in the comment section below! Will gather them together and answer them in a seperate post!

That's it for now, Bye~!
August 17, 2011

What's your definition of Gyaru?

*wordy post*


Firstly, thank you very much for those who have participated in the giveaway! For those who haven't joined it yet, please do so! If you have any questions about the giveaway, please drop me a comment, ok? (^^)

The other day after I took pictures for the giveaway, my camera's memory card broke. Luckily I had it backed up! However, because of that I won't be able to post new pictures for a while. (> <) I'm actually considering Vlog but I'll see what can be done meanwhile.

Coming back to the topic of this post, recently I've been told that my style is 'normal asian girl style' instead of Gyaru. It made me quite sad, you see...

What is Gyaru to you?

I just googled the image. I don't mean to direct it to any particular person.

Is it thick eyelashes + bleached hair + deco nails + colour contacts etc?

To me, it's not. I personally don't think that Gyaru have a must look. They have something similar but not completely the same. Gyaru girls can be different, don't you think so?

Even in magazines like Popteen or Popsister you see Gyaru with black hair, one tone nail polish and natural looking eyelashes. No? It's not Gyaru?

Tsubasa Masuwaka has dyed her hair black and has short nails for her Milky Bunny PV. So she's not Gyaru anymore in that way? Have your say.

Here I'm just stating my opinions on Gyaru style. I hope I didn't offend anyone by stating so.

I would like to know your thoughts on Gyaru too if you are a Gyaru gal or you simply like the style.

Thank you~!

See you soon,


August 14, 2011

[Closed]。_。・゜☆MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!!☆゜・。_。

This giveaway has ended. Entries submitted after 11.59pm (GMT +8), 27/8/2011 will be forfeited. Thank you for participating.

Yay!!! It's finally time for my First Giveaway!

This giveaway is to thank all my sweet readers who has supported my blog and has left me with interesting comments.

I have chosen items I love, hopefully you will love them too. (^^)


❤ 1 Rilakkuma Make Up Bag
❤ 1 Hair Scrunchie
❤ 3 Pairs of False Eyelashes
❤ 1 Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue
❤ 1 Pack of Eyelid Fibre
❤ 1 Nivea Facial Mask
❤ 1 Handmade! Phone Strap

Close up of the items~


❤ You must be a public follower of my blog.
❤ This giveaway is open internationally.
❤ You can submit as many entries as possible under the same account.
❤ Giveaway ends at 11.59pm(GMT + 8:00) 27/8/2011

Extra Entries
❤ Blog about this giveaway or put it in your sidebar.
❤ Follow my Twitter account (@HanieKuar) and tweet about this giveaway.


I was told that the form can't be seen. If you are having problems like that, please email your entry to

Entry format~

Google Connect Name:
Blog URL: (For extra entries)
Twitter account: (For extra entries)
Random question you would like to ask me: (optional)

You can ask me random questions too! Anything is fine but not something ridiculous, ok? (^^) I hope you will throw a lot of interesting questions at me. Haha!

Lastly, I wish everyone participating GOOD LUCK! I'm excited to see who will win my first giveaway!

August 13, 2011

Happie nuts inspired look


First off, I'm sorry for not blogging for days. m(_ _)m Have been busy lately with homework. I fell sick yesterday too. But it's alright now so I'm back to blogging too. (^^)v

I'm getting the stuff for the giveaway done soon. I only need the pictures now. Are you excited yet?! \(^w^)/ I'm going to be giving out stuff that I love! But of course, they are new.

Back to the topic of this post...

The other day I read Eki's post on her take on Sayoko Ozaki's make up. Sayoko's a model from the magazine 'happie nuts' which features styles that are more mature. Eki's post interested me so I decided to browse through the scans.

I tried my best to achieve the look. It's fun to do so but I don't really think that it's my style. I like cute style better. Hehehe... Anyways, I'm going to show you my try on the eyemake. (^^)

Let's start!

Ok, there are two colours that I used for this look which I don't think you can find in stores anymore. But I think you can find similar colours too.

Apply B in the marked area.

Next, apply A up to your crease then blend it outwards.

Using Espresso by M.A.C, apply on the outer V. Concentrate on the outer corner then blend it into your eyelid.

For the bottom eye area, mix A and B then apply on the marked area.

This is to help darkening the eyemake. At this point, you might look like you haven't slept for months... Or maybe that's just me... (- -;)

Line your eyes. For the top, I extended it outwards since I want to create a longer eye illusion. For the bottom, line half of it with a pencil eyeliner. I also lined the waterline.

Next is to apply eyelash.

For the top eyelash, I combined Daiso Voluminous Type No.11 and Daiso Half Type No.13. In my opinion, they make a good pairing!

As for the bottom lash, I used Canmake No.13. Then I thought that the outer corner needed more volume so I added Dolly Wink No.8. I used one of the four strand one.

Apply blush, lipstick and lipgloss.

For blush, you want the colour to be on the sides as that will give you a more mature feel. For lipstick, I used Myth by M.A.C and for lipgloss, Instant Gold by M.A.C

And that's it for this post!

What do you think of this look? Let me know!

Will see you soon,