March 31, 2011

How to control snacking!

I'm sure that you've been through moments when you would open and close the refrigerator door a million times to find something to nib on. Especially snacks! (^^)

Snacks are alright to be consumed occasionally but over intake is still not good. But how do you stop yourself from snacking?

It's all about control! You have to control your urge to eat snacks!

So while I was chatting with my friend about how we should control ourselves from snacking yesterday, I thought of this (brilliant) idea! How this idea came about was because in my school we have to pay $1 for every offences such as untidy attire, late for assembly etc. And to me, I think this actually helps to discipline oneself to not make the same mistake again.

So how it works? (Just an example)

So here's my favourite snack, Mr. Chocolate. (^^)v He's smirking at you because he knows you want to eat him but you know if you take a bite you will not stop.

To stop yourself from craving for Mr. Chocolate, everytime you can't hold it in anymore and you want to have a bite of Mr. Chocolate, you will have to feed Piggy too. (>w<)

It also means you're paying more and more to Piggy and waving Bye bye to your money. (Come back here!)

And by the end of the month/year, check how many times you fed Piggy. I bet if you couldn't control yourself all the time, Piggy will be so full!

Well actually, it's not entirely a non-snacking plan. You CAN have snacks once in a while, like a every fortnight or every month you treat yourself to something nice.

Other than this method of controlling snacking, you can try to drink more water too. Sometimes when we crave for something, it might actually means that our body needs more water!

I've also heard of eating fibrous breakfast such as oatmeals can help avoiding snacking. I think it's a great idea as fibrous food helps us to digest better and I think it'll prepare you well for the day!

And that's just a few things I wanted to share. If you have any suggestions, ideas or you've find faults in the ways I suggested, please let me know in the comments section! I reply to them! (^^)

Good Night! \(^^)/

P.s: Recently I've started to like KARA, a famous Kpop band! I've never thought that I would like Kpop but I guess KARA has big influence in Japan that's why? Haha!
March 29, 2011

Natural eyemake take!


So today I've decided to try a more natural eyemake. (^^)

Sorry that I didn't take much photos... My fringe is too long already so it cover up my eyes in many of the photos...

What do you think of natural eyemake on me? I think it looks more Otona Kawaii (Adult cute).

I will do a look on this soon so do follow me to get latest updates!

Also, I will be doing a red lips look soon! (^^) I hope you're just as excited as I am! Hahaha!

So good night for now~! \(^3~)CHU/
March 27, 2011

Answer to constipation!


Constipation has always been a problem to me. For 2 to 3 days I have nothing to release from 'the other end'. Sometimes it goes up to a week too... (> <);;;

Constipation is not good for your health. It also makes your stomach appear bulgier.

What can you do to stop constipation?

Here is poopie brownie, poopie yellowy and poopie greeny. They love to cling around in your body system.

So, what should you do to get rid of them?

The answer is by drinking!!!

Drink one cup of water as soon as you wake up. This will flush out anything in your system. Meaning cleaning your system before it starts working for the day!

Also, you can try to add more fibrous food into your diet. I usually eat vegetables and fish more than meat so I must say that eating vegetables itself can't help with constipation. You NEED water!

About a few hours later your stomach will start aching signaling, 'It's time to get rid of The Poopies!!!'

Drinking water is good for our body system. It hydrates us and helps the organs work better. So drink at least 8 cups a day!

I know there are many products in the market that claims that they'll help people who has constipation to overcome their problem. Some works but some doesn't. And they don't taste good at all! Eww~!

What do you think of my poopie doodles? Hahaha! I find them cute myself... (^^);

Anyways, today I read a news online about a mother in San Francisco who gives her daughter botox regularly.

Here's the link to it:

She wants to make her daughter to be a start in the future. She also gives her regular virgin wax.

In my opinion, she is corrupting her daughter's mind even at such a young age. This is so wrong! She's just eight years old do you have to go to such extent? You're creating a plastic 'star' not a true star!

No, I'm not jealous of the child getting botox or whatsoever. I want to stay natural and I think this is just too wrong.

What do you think of parents like this? Do you agree with the mother?

And that's it for today's post. Gotta go to bed now.

March 26, 2011

Rilakkuma ♥♥♥

Which is your favourite San-X character?

Is it Tarepanda? Or Mamegoma?

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiroitori

For me, it's Rilakkuma!!!

I think it's because Rilakkuma is just as lazy as me. Hahaha!

Quote from Wikipedia:
'He enjoys relaxing and his favorite things include sleeping, lying around, watching television, listening to music.'

I have only a few of Rilakkuma's products but I love them!

Rilakkuma hairtie
I've made a post on this. (^^)
Osaka kara no SAPURAIZU!

This is not an official San-X item. But it was the first 'Rilakkuma' I got which made me searched on the internet for a long long time for it's name. And when I actually found it, I was so happy and thus addicted to Rilakkuma. Hehe. I hug it every night~ <333 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Rilakkuma that I got for last year's Christmas present. Although it is supposed to be hung on a bag or something like that, since it has that metal ball thingy to hook on stuff, I just kept it in my closet. I put it at the spot where whenever you open the closet, you see it there. Hehe

Rilakkuma file. There's so many designs to choose from at Kinokuniya but they all are costly! Ranging from pens, pencils, pencilboxes, stickers, plushies keychain, folders and more! I will try to collect more. Hehe~

Pink Rilakkuma umbrella also from last year's Christmas! I bring this to school everyday! I have only used it a few times so far. Mr Cloud please rain so I can show off my Rilakkuma umbrella!

And that's just a few of my Rilakkuma stuff! Hehe

Also, check out these videos of Rilakkuma! I'm sure you'll love it!

I want to hug you now Rilakkuma~!!! Kyaa~!

Kyou mo minna de daradara goron

Bye bye~!
March 25, 2011

How to Contour and Highlight face

Nyan nyan~!

Today's tutorial is going to be on 'How to Contour and Highlight face'.

It has been on my to post list for some time so I guess it's time to post it up. (^^);

Let's start!

'Why should I contour?'
Contouring face makes your face looks smaller. Highlighting makes it pop out.
So by combining these two, you'll get a more 3D face.

Also, after applying a foundation base to your face, it will make your face looks flat as everything is covered up.

There are four types of face shape in general.

Round-shaped face

Long-shaped face (Egg-shaped face)

Triangle-shaped face

Home base-shaped face

This is a scan from popsister March 2011 issues covering on how to shade faces with different face shape.

Top left: Round-shaped face
Shade from the temples to the cheekbones to lift up the cheekbones.

Top right: Triangle-shaped face
Shade from the temples down for a rounder face.

Bottom left: Egg-shaped face
Shade above your forehead and around the chin area. Highlight your T-zone and under the eye area (triangle zone).

Bottom right: Home base-shaped face
Concentrating on areas around the temples and little bit to the cheek. Then, bring the colour upwards above your forehead area and downwards. Highlight your T-zone.

I have a home base face shape which is wide and looks like a pentagon. Okarie has this face shape too. \(^^)/

Sometimes I hate having such a wide face too. So to achieve a smaller face illusion, I will cover my face with my hair and curl it too to maximize the smaller face effect. Because if your hair looks puffy, your face will look smaller. Also, for wide faces, you want to sweep your bangs sideways so that your face will appear longer and balance it out.

Anyways, the main thing about this post is shading and contouring. So here is me showing you how I contour.

For contouring I used Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess. And a blush brush by Elianto.
As for highlighting, I used sugarwhite by M.A.C.

By using a bronzing powder to contour your face, it will give you a more glowing finish.

Here is my face before I contour and highlight it.

And here I've contoured the left side and done some highlight. Can you see the difference?

One side is more 3D and looks smaller. While the other side looks flat.

Pink- Contour
Green- Highlight
Let's talk about the highlight here.

Forehead- You want a more 'popped-out' forehead. Since many asian faces are flat, you want to make it look more 3D.
Below eye area- To lift up cheekbones and brighten up eyes too.
Chin- To lengthen face if your face is short.

Another tip, contour below your face area. This is to hide away double chin so your face looks slimmer.

And lastly a camwhore shot~ <33 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
I didn't have much time to style my hair for this post so I tied an Odango! Fastest way to style hair! And also hide your 'bad-hair-day' away!

I'm currently growing out the two sides of my bangs. The last time I went to the hairstylist to cut my fringe, she cut it too wide. (> <) So I have to grow them out for now...

And also because of that, I'm actually trimming my bangs by myself every month. (^^) I did a post on that, you can see it here~
How to cut Full Front Fringe

Also, if you missed out the post on nose contouring and highlightning, here's the link to it~
How to Contour and Highlight a Smaller Nose

More posts coming up soon! Do follow me on my blog or my twitter (Or both!) to get the latest updates. (^^)v

See you soon!!!
March 23, 2011

Black x white cute nails tutorial


Today I've painted my toenails! And I've decided to show you how I painted them! (^^)

I'm not very skilled at painting nails, this is my third time drawing design on them. The first time was during Halloween's where I drew a jack-o-lantern shape on one of the nails. The second one was a failure since it turned out horrible... (-o-);

So this is how the design I drew look like~

So first paint a white nail polish as a base colour.

When the base colour has dried, add in black stripes. Middle, left and right.

Using black, draw a bow on the bottom with a brush when the stripes have dried.

I used an ordinary thin paint brush to draw on the designs. Cleaning it with nail polish remover everytime I finish one colour.

Lastly, draw in some white lining around the ribbon to let it 'seperate' from the stripes.

Paint a top coat and it's done!

I think this is really simple. But I need to practice more on my nail painting skills. Hehe

I hope you like this nail tutorial. I'm not very good yet so do correct me if I've done any mistakes. (^^)

Oh by the way, my previous tamagotchi Simasimatchi died because I left it unattended to for two days. (; ;)

After that, I had to reset and start a new generation for my tamagotchi. This time I kept playing the intelligent skill game and got myself a...


My tamagotchi is version 4. To get it, you will have to get a Young Mametchi then increase it's intelligent skill points to 350. From this, you'll get a Mametchi. Then, increase your total skill points until it's up to 450 points and it will turn into a Tensaitchi immediately. (^^)

I will not let Tensaitchi die this time. Haha!

I will try to post up a tutorial on hair or make up soon. Been busy with school stuff lately. *looks at the stack of homework to be done (-o-);

Since tomorrow's Friday, perhaps I'll post up a tutorial? Who knows?

So bye bye for now!
March 22, 2011

How I got into Gyaru style


I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Have been busy these few days, many events to attend and school has started. m(_ _)m I hope everyone is still there to read my blog... (>w<)

After watching Burlesque (4 times already) I'm still addicted to it. Haha! I love Christina Aguilera!
Currently playing: Show Me How You Burlesque from Burlesque OST

So to get to the topic today, I'm going to show you pictures of me before I got into Gyaru style. And how my style changed. Hehe

(13 years old)

Before I found out about Gyaru style, I was addicted to anime under influence of my friends. At that time, I had no particular style of my own.

No conscious of how my body weight, my looks, food intake and body growth...

I guess I ruined my body shape by sitting in front of the computer all the time. Ok, I still do but I guess it started from then... (=3=)

(14 years old)

No sense of style still, so photo poses were inspired by lala.

People from other countries might not know what lala means,

Lala are teenagers that try to look cute with cheap dress up. And photos are usually super up angle pictures, bloated cheeks, big watery eyes... And lala attitude is rude or wild.

Luckily I did not adapt the attitude part but I slightly got the poses thingy... (-o-);;

Ok, I improve in my style later on. More japanese kawaii look. Hehe... (> <)

Started to be conscious about my body weight, which has already rose up so high and have a not-so-flat waist... (; ;)

Still, never really bother to diet. Haha!

Finally looked into make up for the sake of cosplay. But my skills were terrible at that time.

I think it's because of that I tried finding how Japanese do their make up and stumbled across images of Ageha style gyaru.

Cut my fringe! (^w^)v

(15 years old)

Ageha style boom~!

Straighten my hair, wore false eyelashes and thick eyeliner...

I remember that time I used to play with make up almost every other day. It got me so interested in make up and I tried my best to improve my make up skills and my hair arrangement skills. However I still can't do Ageha hairstyles... (fails)

Around that time, I was still not fixed to a style yet. I was interested in Ageha style and lolita!

Very soon after those, I shifted into the more GAL trend which I still love now...

(16 years old)

Got colour contacts! That one thing I always wanted to be more Gyaru~!

I think it's around end of last year that I really got myself improved in eyemake up. I tried my best to read more Japanese in order to understand the tutorials in magazines. I guess it paid off well~

Also, because I wanted to look better for my blog photos, I really tried my best to look better! (^^)v

And I was able to do more hairstyles now!

Seeing how much I've changed from the previous years to now, I feel like I've really grown a lot! Haha! Time passes so fast, don't you think so? In the blink of an eye one can change so much!

I have never imagined myself to be interested in make up, hair, beauty, fashion, nails etc. few years back! And thanks to them, I have a fixed target on my future!

Many of my friends around me are still unsure about their ambitions or what they are going to do after they graduate. We'll be graduating in less than two years time and I think it's crucial to have a goal in life by now.

However, in maintaining good looks and all, a lot of money is required. I think good money management is important too! I remember how I lost track of my spendings last year until when I check them thoroughly I realized how much money had 'flew away'. (; ;) It made me so scared and sad at the same time. And because of that, I have set myself to be more money wise. And yes, I think so far I'm still maintaining that!

I have a fixed amount of money that is to be saved and not 'touched' at all and extra money to spend.

Hmm... perhaps I can post on money management? Hehe. As a student, I have only cash, no cards. But I think good money management starts with cash. If you can't handle cash, I think you will have lots of debts on your cards.

Anyways, school has started and we have got back our results for the previous examination. I got good grades, but really up to my expectations. (=3=) But I want to thank my readers that wished me good luck! I think it helped! \(^^)/

And I will try to update soon!

Good night~!