November 30, 2010

Okarie portrait

I've just drawn a portrait of Okarie-chan! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚


I'm still a beginner at portrait drawing. What do you think of my art? (*o´・∞・`)?


I drew it based on this photo in Popteen November.

Matsuoka Rie nicknamed Okarie is the director for Ank Rouge.

She is also a model in Popteen. According to the November issue of Popteen, she is the fourth ranked model in the Magazine.

Okarie-chan is also a top GAL blogger with daily access up to 720,000. Okarie burogu

I love Okarie's style! It's so cute!

I hope I have more time to draw portrait arts of the models and singers I love! (*ゝ∀・*)v
November 29, 2010

Kana Nishino Kimitte Make up look

O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!! The tutorial is up!

In this tutorial, I did not include the foundation and contour highlight parts.. (。・人・`。))ゴメンネ

Well, let's start!


I've also included a fake bangs with fringe tutorial for people with fringe\(○^ω^○)/


All you need to do is clip up your fringe then take a section of hair on both sides and cross them over.


Pop on a hat and style it to look more like bangs. (゚∇^*)

Onto the make up~


After foundation and contour highlight...

~Contact lens
Geo Dolly Brown

Elianto BB cream
ZA Concealer Perfection
M.A.C pressed powder NC20

~Contour and highlight
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
M.A.C Chromezone Sugarwhite eyeshadow



The colour doesn't really stand out in the photo. ゴメンなさい・・・(´_`illi)

1. Apply A over eye area
2. Apply B and C medium shade over crease
3. Apply C darkest shade on eye lids
4. Apply C darkest shade and D on half of lower eye area
5. Lightly blend the colours in wind swipe motion
6. Apply A on the inner corners
7. Apply E on brow bone

A)M.A.C Vanilla eyeshadow
B)M.A.C Rule eyeshadow
C)Maybelline Trio eyeshadow 04 Three Chocolate
D)M.A.C Tease Me... Bistro eyeshadow
E)M.A.C Chromezone Sugarwhite eyeshadow



Since Kana Nishino's eye make is almond shaped, draw eyeliner across then horizontally.

Dolly wink Jet Black liquid eyeliner

~Eyelash (My favourite part!)


The top eyelash that Kana Nishino most probably used was Dolly Wink No. 1 Dolly Sweet. I don't have that one so I had to use another eyelash.


Curl eyelashes first then stick fake eyelashes closest to the lash line. Stick the middle part first then the inner corner and lastly the outer corner following the eyeliner.

See how they lengthen my eyes?(^∀^)


I've used these in the tutorial.


Stick them on creating an almond shaped eye

See how it enlarges the eye more?

Eyemake done!

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Magnum Mascara
A)Dolly Wink No. 5 Feminine Style
B)Dolly Wink No. 6 Baby Cute
C)Cyber colours Dolly eyelash

Onto the eyebrow, blush and lips~

Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. For lips, apply one coat on your lips and dab it to blend the colours. Or if you have lips concealer, that would do the trick too. But if you really don't have both of these, you can choose to apply concealer on your lips to cover up the colour. Apply lipglass to finish~

M.A.C Roze Quartz

M.A.C Myth
M.A.C Enchantress lipglass


I've tried to film the tutorial. It did not come out as I want it to still. Should I do video tutorial or picture tutorial next time? (=゚ω゚=)ん?

A few 盛写メ(Morishame) of today!

Morishame means camwhore or selca~ (●^U^●)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial

November 28, 2010

Handmade beret

Today I went to mom's workplace~

I wore the beret that I just made. ^^

Berets are one of those hats that always look cute in Autumn or Winter. They instantly gives off a cute image~

Today's outfit

I wanted to post up the Kimitte make up look today but somehow I couldn't upload it on Youtube. Perhaps I should use the picture tutorial method. Which type of tutorial is better? Video or picture?

Well then, oyasumi~

November 25, 2010

Uniqlo Malaysia

Ok, I know, this happened 21 days ago already. I'm just so lazy to blog about it till now

4 November 2010, I arrived at 9 am in the morning. Don't scold me for being so crazy. Cause some people camped there since 10pm the night before!

So near, yet so far...

A pic of where I started to queue at 9am. There were hundreds of ningen behind me.
BS stand for Body Shop, by the way~

I lined up for 3 hours before I get to enter. And I did not sit at all... T T

You can see the winter collection display here. Suteki na~!

I did not take pictures inside Uniqlo since there were so many ningen and I was busy checking out stuff! Haha!

This is the long line AFTER I left Uniqlo...

On Fahrenheit 88's twitter, it tweeted that the customers exceeded 4000 on day 1!
That's such a huge number!

I went on the third day again and the queue was 90% shorter. But the crowd inside was still the same!

So, here are my purchases

Mickey top for RM9.90!
voucher used

Uniqlo fleece jacket for RM29.90!
voucher used

I love this piece so much! It's so warm and comfortable! I would go back there just to buy this!

[Pic taken from Internet]
Uniqlo Jeans for RM29.90
voucher used

And also a tote bag for being one of the 1000 who lined up! Ureshiikatta!

I will definitely go Uniqlo again! Yunikuro daisuki sa-!

Some japanese words
Ningen- Human
Suteki- Favourite/like
Ureshii- Happy
Daisuki- Love
November 22, 2010

Penang trip 2010 part two

I'm finally done with photoshopping the photos for the Penang trip!


Ky Li look so kawaii~

Tenshi laughed till her eyes are closed. Haha!

Familiar with this pose? It's Rima-tan's bara baransuu!






Waiting for the elavator to arrive.

One thing I hate about scheduled trips (I mean those that you have to follow a group) is limited time. You'll have to rush, rush, rush like there's no tomorrow. And some items on the schedule gets cancelled when there's no time for that. Urgh


In the elavator. You can easily spot out the teachers, right? (I'm not trying to be racist!)

This tortoise is HUGE! It pops out its head when you want to take a picture!






Ok, now comes one of my favourite part of the trip...


We came all the way to Penang to have Mcdonalds... Actually we can't stand the heat outside that's why...

Day 2

War Museum


I did not take pictures inside cause I was afraid I might capture some of those 'things' since it's the real war building where people was killed and all.

There was this tunnel that leads into the underground. It was so dark and small. I got so scared (I'm afraid of dark) I kept holding onto Ky Li the whole time inside that tunnel... Then we had to climb this very long ladder upwards to get out... And it was dark too! I was so afraid to fall down and hit the person below...

After that we went to the Little India. It was the WORST PART of the trip! There was nothing else except Indian clothes, food, music etc. And there was this beggar in a wheelchair that came towards us while we were exploring by ourselves.

Well, Tenshi, Ky Li and I did discover something...
Star cruise ship! I've never seen it before! So happy!

We went to the botanical garden

Where it's all green


The tour guide told us that this is one of the well-known stuff in the botanical garden...

After that we went shopping at Queensbay Mall. It was so big and nice but we only had 1 hour to shop. One freaking hour to shop!!! Initially we have 2 hours but all thanks to the time wasted at Little India we only left one hour to shop. = =

We ran inside the mall to the shops that we wanted to go only. It wasn't as fun as 'taking your time to shop'. T T

Day 3
I hate myself on this day. I had nosebleed in the morning then while I was panicking I left the bottle open and put it inside the bag. In the end I wet my mangas and my Popteen magazine. T T Have I mentioned this before...?

The snake temple was our last stop at Penang. I didn't take pictures since I ran out of the temple by the time those people were trying to get us to take pictures with the snake and pay them.

We headed to Ipoh to have lunch and stop by at ANOTHER temple...

It was in a cave, and we climbed up some stairs

Ok, maybe not just some but many flights of stairs

All tired and sweaty... Not recommended for asthmatic people. Definitely

This view wasn't even half of it yet.

Overall this trip was fun with friends but not very fun with the places. Our hotel was terrible. The room Tenshi and I got had a freaking spider web from the ceiling to the bed so we had to share room with another three girls...

I hope next year's trip will be better...