October 31, 2010

I am now 15


It's 31 October which means it is also Halloween!

And it is also my birthday!

Time passes so fast! I can't believe I'm actually fifteen already.

It feels so different. When you are asked about your age, you are going to answer 15 instead of 14.
Most people are happy about getting more 'mature' but I want to remain the same.
Maybe it's just that I enjoy lazying around like a kid.

Anyways, I'm so happy to have a good skin complexion on my birthday!


I am happy to get them, but I am not very excited like I used to already. I want to go back in time and be how I used to anticipate receiving ang unwrapping presents.

I guess it's just normal that you get less presents as you grow older. Treat me as a kid and give me presents please? lols

Perhaps I should start thinking about being more mature? But I like to remain as I was.


Anyways, mom showed me this poem. It's really touching that I cried a bit while translating. I'm not very good at chinese but I've tried my best to translate it.

When I am old...

当我老了, 不再是愿来的我。
When I am old, I am not the same anymore.
请理解我, 对我有一点耐心。
Do understand my situation, and have a little patience for me.

When I spill food on my clothes,
When I have forgotten how to tie my shoelaces,
Do remember when I used to teach you step by step.

When I keep repeating the words you are already bored with,
请耐心地听我说, 不要打断我。
Do listen to me, not stopping me.
你小的时候, 我不得不重复哪个讲过千百遍的故事直到你进入梦乡。
When you were young, I had to repeat the same story over and over until you fall asleep.

当我需要你帮我洗澡时, 请不要责备我。
When I need you to wash me, please do not scold me.
Do you still remember how I nagged you to take your bath?

当我对新科技和新事物不知所措时, 请不要取笑我。
When I am blunt towards new technologies and new stuff, please do not laugh at me.
Think about how I had patiently answered every or your questions.

When I no longer can walk,
Do reach out your strong hands to support me.
就像你小时候学习走路时, 我扶你那样。
Just like how I supported you when you were learning how to walk when you were young.

当我忽然忘记我们谈话的主题, 请给我一些时间让我回想
When I suddenly forget our conversation topic, do give me some time to rethink
其实对我来说, 谈论什么并不重要, 只要你能在一旁听我说
To me, every conversation topics are not important as I only hope you will listen to me
And I will be satisfied.

当你看着老去的我, 请不要悲伤。
When you see me wilt away, please do not be sad.
理解我, 支持我, 就像你刚开始学习如何生活时我对你那样。
Understand me, support me, just like how I did when you start to learn about life.

当初我引导你走上人生的路, 如今请陪伴我走完最后的路
I have taught you how to leap the path of life, right now please be on my side for my last journey
给我你的爱的耐心, 我会报以感激的微笑,
Show me your patience and love, and I shall smile gratefully
With a smile that shows my unbounded love for you.

I love you my parents ♥
October 29, 2010

Halloween is near!

It's like the only time where you can dress up in public (not conventions) and getting sweets too is Halloween. Though Halloween is supposed to be on my birthday, I have NEVER celebrated it before.

I guess this is just normal here in Malaysia. Halloween's getting a little bit more attention only the recent years.

I've longed to celebrate this day, 31 October. Not just for my birthday, but Halloween itself. Maybe it's because I WANT SWEETS.

I'm hungry now anyways.

I've been collecting stuff for the day recently, and am very tired when I come back home. Which is why I was not in the mood for blogging. If you have seen my poupee, you would probably think why all of my recent clothes posts are orange, black, white etc. themed.

That's because I can't wait for Halloween!
October 24, 2010


Since I haven't been updating frequently. I was on a trip to Penang recently. My pictures are still stucked in my camera. I'm really sorry. If I am to do a post using other's photos, I would feel bad about it again since I will not complete my post all by myself.

I'm going on several more school trips, so it's a really busy time right now.
Other than trips, I have to help prepare for school's canteen day, go Uniqlo, start on my doujins and and... Ah! There's so much to do!

Anyways, I've been crying these past two day... Since I was having mega bad luck last half of this year. *sobs

My grades dropped tremendously, I don't even know whether I can get 7As or pass the entrance exam or else I'll have no school next year...

My computer got virus so I'm using my brother's mini laptop. the blinking thingy somehow jumps when you type. So it's really bothersome.

I got nosebleed on the third day of the trip. And I wet my mangaS and magazine when I was rushing to the toilet. My mangas!!!!!!!! Oh, now I hope that I get that as my birthday present... Lucky Star Volume 1 and 6 btw~ I'm so greedy? = = They look like that textbook the little brother stuffed into his schoolbag or worse.

Sobs sobs sobs.
October 15, 2010

Japanese High School Exchange


On wednesday, 41 students from Shimada High School in Shizuoka, Japan came to our school for an exchange program. Though it's a one days program but everyone made friends despite the language block.


My buddy Yuki is handing the camera to someone.


Where was I looking at???


Now this is better.

In the buddy system, we were randomly matched with our Japanese buddy. There were some dissapointment to some as they were targetting the leng zai... = =


Whilst teaching Yuki and Mariko how to play congkak. They don't understand anyways ( ̄▼ ̄)
Madoka in curly pigtails, Yuki on the left side of the congkak and Mariko and the right.

It was very hard to communicate. They are bad in English, we are bad in Japanese. We had to show sign and break down the english words into the simplest form to communicate. Somehow, I felt useful that day for being able to speak simple Japanese... ゜+・(о´▽`о)゜+・ Yuki complimented that my Japanese was good too. (`・ω・´)vイェイ!



Yan Wen teaching Madoka to play a tune


Mariko and Yuki


Lunch time. Itadakimasu! It's actually my first time seeing Japanese saying the phrase before eating. They really said it!

Showed some pictures of my brother and Bon Odori in Malaysia to Yuki and she was surprised that we have Bon Odori in Malaysia. Yuki showed me photos of her playing Gashapon too.

After lunch, there was a basketball match. I hope to get those photos soon.



Last few pictures before they left.


Group photo

I regret for not taking many pictures. Too busy talking and watching. Anyways, photos were not from me but my schoolmates. Mine are still stucked in the camera. I shall get more from Charmange.


Some japanese words
I'm full- Onaka ippai
I'm hungry- Onaka suitai
Hair braid- Amikomi
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter- Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuuyu
October 10, 2010

Cosplay Make up コスプレメイク

Sorry for not updating the past few days!

I was taking my sweet time editing this video...

Previously I have mentioned... wait did I?.... that I have a tutorial stucked in my camera as the cable is nowhere to be found. I want to post it up so much! Without any other alternatives, I decided to film this video on my webcam. Sorry for the low quality video... It somehow becomed fuzzy after I uploaded it to youtube. Gomenne!

I couldn't adjust myself to put on foundation in front of the camera... I'll practice on facing the camera from now on...

If there is anything that you do not understand, do post a comment below! Can't wait to eat some taiyaki!

Items used in this tutorial...
Eyeshadow- M.A.C Vanilla, Maybelline Trio eyeshadow 04 Three chocolate (the medium one), M.A.C Espresso, M.A.C Antique, M.A.C Sugarwhite
Eyeliner- Koji Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner, Colour sense shimmer glide eyeliner (black)
Eyelashes- Kiss me 03
Mascara- Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express
Contour- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
Highlight- M.A.C Sugarwhite
Eyebrows- Dior (Sweet Pink colour)
Blush- M.A.C Rose Quartz
Lipstick- M.A.C Myth
Lipgloss- M.A.C Sweet Inspiration


P.s: Can't wait till PMR is over! One more day to go! After that I shall be more active in blogging!
October 6, 2010

Uniqlo opens in Malaysia!

Perhaps you have heard of this news, Uniqlo is opening in Malaysia on 4th November 2010 at 11 a.m!

From Wikipedia:
Uniqlo Co., Ltd. (株式会社ユニクロ, Kabushiki-gaisha yunikuro?) is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer.

Originally a division of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., on November 1, 2005, Uniqlo Co., Ltd. was born of corporate restructuring, and now exists as a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Fast Retailing, which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Uniqlo is Japan's leading clothing retail chain in terms of both sales and profits. The company also operates in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and Russia.

I can't wait for it to open! Finally having Uniqlo here in Malaysia!

From MSN news:
There'll be never-to-be-seen-again special introductory prices from Japan's #1 fashion brand, and if that isn't enough, five all-expense paid trips for two to Tokyo up for grabs.

Just be among the first 500 eager beavers queing outside the store before it opens at 11 a.m., and you're already in with a shot. That's a one out of very 100 people chance and you don't even have to do a thing!

In addition, the first 1000 people walking through the doors gets a free UNIQLO original tote bag, and between 4 - 7 November, you'll also get a UNIQLO original tote with every purchase of RM200 (while stocks last).

It's the one we've been waiting for so mark your calendars!

So why wait?! Stuff exclusively from Tokyo! I can't wait to get items for Autumn/Winter!

Uniqlo's website can be easily accessed through the Uniqlock at the sidebar

I know I have a Miku Clock already, but I like Uniqlock too!
October 5, 2010


I have a tutorial that I was going to post up but...

after I took all the photos in the camera, I came to realise that the cable is nowhere to be found!!!

I hope I can find it as soon as possible so that I can show you the tutorial. I'm quite busy with my examinations now, so it'll probably take a little while longer. Hopefully will get things done soon!

Also, there will be a Japanese High School Exchange Program at my school soon! I can't wait to see them and make friends with them!

Wish me luck in my exam and meeting new faces!

So short for now,
October 4, 2010


7/26/10's post


Just came back from Genting today.

Took some Purikura there. Wasn't really nice because it's my first time trying purikura.

My aunt, my cousin sis and me

Coloured my hair into two colours. XP

This is one of my favourites. ^^

Lol, our poses doesn't match with the background...

I edited most of this. Nice?

Moe kyun~

Doing the Kumicky pose. I was winking while waiting for the timer to snap the pic so my eyes cannot tahan already by then... which is what you see...

We did not decorate the photos on time...





The temperature at Genting Highlands was not cold anymore. A lot of people were wearing shorts or sleeveless clothings. Are they going to open up a pool and place for tourists to sunbathe? lol.

34th Bon Odori, Shah Alam

7/19/10's post


The lanterns hung at Bon Odori

I know it's two days past Bon Odori already. I was sick last night so I didn't have the mood to blog. Fell better now though I still have slight headache...


Arrival at Panasonic Sports Complex (formerly Matsushita Centre)


With my mom. I seriously need to slim down. My face looks so big!


Look at the crowd!

When we just arrived, there were already people coming towards us asking for photos. It's somewhat like at an anime convention..... *rolls eyes* *sweat drop*

And we were mistaken to be Japanese... O_O

We bought ice creams. But I didn't took any pics of it because when we just had a bite, people already asked us for photos. It's so hard to even enjoy your food.


Jessie. I've flipped this pic because she wore her yukata the wrong way. XD
It's supposed to be left over right [left over rice] instead of right over left [rice over left?! what turf] I had to accompany her to the portable toilets to help her change her yukata direction. *laughs hard* It took about 5 to 10 minutes in there. I bet the people out there would be wondering what we were doing in there.


Me. It was crowded and hot so I start to sweat even before the festival begins. My eyeliner smudged. fml...


The drum performance. It started sharp at 7pm. Not like chinese weddings where they tell you the dinner starts at 7pm but it actually starts at 9pm. So never be on time for chinese wedddings. lol

I dunno why but mostly the pics that I took that day was blur MAX. I guess that's what short people gets... Because I ended up stretching my hand high up an took the pic. Obviously I didn't see what I was taking lah.


Jessie, after the first dance. Here I didn't flip the photo. She finally wore it right. Haha


Me. Sweating like a pig.
Oh, and I think I saw
kusakabemisao.com there. Can I have the pic you took?


Then we heard sounds and ran to the performance area to watch the performance. It was going to end already when we managed to squeeze ourselves in to watch. Then the dance started just after the performance. So we squeeze through the crowd to join the second part of the dance.


Just as the dance starts

FML max at this part. There was this hand movement where you hold the fan and swing your arms in the air. The girl beside me slapped right on my eye. It hurt so much and my lashes fell halfway. urgh.....


After the dance finished, we decided to go grab some food coz we haven't had anything after the ice cream. = =
I must say, this shaved ice booth has the longest que... The shaved ice was so-so lah coz it only had ice, little bit of toppings and vanila ice cream. And it cost us RM6. = =

Still, the whole event was enjoyable despite the lashes falling incident or the yukata incident. The dances were pretty easy too. I want

Big eyes exercise

6/8/10's post

Ever wanted to know how to get those bright, beautiful big eyes like hose Japanese models you see in magazines?

I'd recently came across this section in Nicola July on getting big, bright eyes.

Before proceeding, please pay me for translation fees...
Joking, joking~

So yeah, a survey was held on celebrities who have big eyes. Topping the list, Tsubasa Masuwaka followed by Becky then followed by Kitagawa Keiko.
The other survey was on the percentage of people who wants to have big eyes. 93.2% were YES while the other 6.8% was NO.

Massages and eye exercise in the morning...


Waking up in the morning, looking into the mirror... Ah! Puffy eyes!
Get two towels, one soaked with cold water while the other one with lukewarm water.
Put the warm one on your face for 30 seconds then the cold one for 30 seconds too! This will help with your blood circulation. Repeat this several times.
Lastly, massage your face.


I don't know how to translate this but it's quite obvious judging from the pics...


Spoon massage!
Maybe you have come across this somewhere on internet, magazines or newpapers etc... but it's really easy and relaxing. Though I would not guarantee whether you'll be able to open your eyes right after putting it on your eyes!
Take out spoon from refrigerator. Place it on your eyes like in the picture for 10 seconds.
Then change the angle like the picture shown.
Massage under your eyes in circular motions.
Place finger at spot with a little pressure for 10 seconds.

This massage is good for panda eye relief!


Fringe makes eyes looks bigger!
Also, eye exercise for bigger eyes~
Look up, down, right and left. Repeat for several times.

Now, for the night massage and eye exercise...



Getting rid of fats around face?
Starting from the top [pic 1].
Move slowly down [pic 2] for 10 seconds.
Then work outwards to move the 'unwanted stuffs' away...
Finally, work inwards towards ears then neck to move them away.


Small face and big eyes
Pull a constipation? look.
Then wink with both eyes.
Last, pull a shocked face to open up the pores.

Also, try using a cotton bud and go over eyelids in left to right, right to left motion for 30 times everyday to get double eyelids.
Avoid drinking water or eating an hour before sleep.
Applying mask for eyes are a good choice too.

Optionally, you can try using eye talk. Video explains it.

I received a letter today. I normally don't get any letter in the mailbox. Usually they will be electrical bills, water bills, phone bills, advertisements etc. So getting a letter is something I anticipate.


It's from Ciba Vision.


And what's inside was a letter and... 3-day trial lenses!



A closer view.

I haven't try them on yet because I'm planning to try them on when I get to go out. hehe.

Looks nice, don't they?