December 30, 2010

Mermaid hair tutorial + Gyaru pink look tutorial!


2011 is coming soon and it's the year of the Rabbit!

What colour does rabbit reminds you of? White, pink, brown, black... For me, it's PINK!

For this tutorial, I'm going to show you a Gyaru pink look!

Most of the time you see gyaru make up in brown or orangy colours. But it does not limit to those colours only! Gyaru make up is emphasizing on large eyes that makes you look Kawaii! So play with the colours ne~

So let's start with this tutorial!

A- Vanilla by M.A.C
B- Phase by M.A.C
C- The second pink colour by Parfums Christian Dior (It's the same as this tutorial's)
D- The pearly white eyeshadow by Shiseido The Makeup SILKY EYE SHADOW QUAD Q9(Lunar Phases Harmonie Lunaire)

Apply A around areas around the eye to give a brighter base to the eye make.

Then, apply B on the top and 1/2 of the lower eyelids. Concentrating on the outer corners. One good tip is to tap the colours on. Then blend the colour.

Apply C on eyelids and 1/4 of the bottom eyelids.

Lastly, apply D on the outer corners blending it to C on the lower eyelids and on the brow bone.

Draw on eyeliner. You want to create Maru me. Then, apply eyelash. Try to adjust the lower eyelash so that it creates a Maru me effect.

Blush on pink cheeks horizontally and apply pinkish lipstick and you're done!

Now on to the hair!

Seperate your hair into sections. For me, I usually seperate them into lower, middle and top. But if you have thicker hair, it's better to have more seperations.

Keep curling it that way and you'll have those Mermaid curls!

Mermaid curls are more to the Otona Kawaii look which means adult cute.

Hehe, I photoshopped my hair colour in this one. The photo reminded me of this picture of Hikari in Popteen.

Put on some Usamimi since it's going to be the Pyon pyon year soon!

Finally, two photos of me in Konata cosplay!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

See you!

A sum up of 2010 + 2011 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

Hello again! \(○^ω^○)/

This is my last post of the year. 。゚(゚ノω`゚)゚。

2010 has been an eventful year. So, here I'm summing up what happened throughout this year. It took me a while to think back what has happened actually, since I had to arrange when those events happened [BAKA]σ(´・д・`)


-I hoped to be in the same class as Tenshi but didn't. (´A`。)


-My Fanart of Mirai-chan was commented 'cute' by Danny Choo v(>ω<)v

Actually, looking back at my old artwork, I don't find it cute anymore.... ( ̄ω ̄ )


-Got addicted to Pepakura

My addiction to stuff like that aren't long term... After a while I got frustrated on dealing with small parts and those rubbish caused so I eventually threw uncountable unfinished projects... = =


-Got new camera.

Nikon L19 which is the one that I'm using for majority of the pictures in this blog. I used to use my hand phone's 2 mega pixel camera which takes terrible grainy photos... Nikon L19 doesn't take crisp-clear photos. They tend to have that 'bloom' effect that I sometimes hate. I want better camera but I don't have the money.

-I started using vulgar words on my blog.

Ok, I got influenced actually. But I stop already. It's not very appropriate..... Right?

-I bought my first Dolly Wink eyelash!

It's Dolly Wink No.6, Baby Cute

-First time crying so much while watching a drama series

One Litre of Tears. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT!


-Plaster Bagworms invaded my room

I got rid of them for a while but now they're back. Ok, I need to clean my room soon.

-I won myself..... lingerie.

Ok, so embarrassed now... Actually, I never thought of winning Sloggi's blog competition with that little lame post. Hahaha. But you can't see it anymore since it's in my inaccessible old blog. Hehehe

-My old blog's 1 year anniversary


-Finally tried riding a mechanical bull! (Winning a Huge teddy bear too!)

It had been my wish to ride on one and finally did it and SURVIVED throughout the whole 3 minutes ride at my church's carnival! But I got cramps all over my body for A WEEK afterwards. If you ask me whether I still want to ride again, I might say yes. Hahaha

-I got school socks tan

And it's still there!!!!!!

-My first? make up tutorial

Popteen May GILFY section Rui's eye make


-Contact lens


My first time wearing contact lens! Time taken was 30 minutes. Hahahahaha


-First time ordering items online


My Jinbei ♥

-First time attending Bon Odori


Matsuri da yo~! I look sweaty and ugly in this photo... T.T

-First Purikura experience!


At Genting Highlands!


I can't actually recall events in this month! Let's see...
-My mum's birthday...


-I deco-ed my old eyelashes!


-Start of my new blog

It's the same URL as the old one because I changed the URL of the old one and changed this to the old URL's. It's very confusing... > <

-Second make up tutorial!

Cosplay Make up

-One of the happiest day of my life

Japanese Highschool Exchange! I finally met my first Japanese friend, Yuki!

-Trip to Penang!

-Super bad luck experience

I got terrible nosebleed during my school trip and also wet two of my Lucky Star manga and my Popteen May.

-Conquered the stairs of Batu Caves

-Attended Animangaki

-My Birthday!!!


-Second internet purchased item


My Rilakkuma hairband! People were teasing me for having a Rilakkuma on my hair. = =

-Uniqlo opened in Malaysia


My first time lining up in a long long long queue.

-Third make up tutorial

Nishino Kana's Kimitte make up look! It got the most comment! Haha!


-I finally finished my Kiyal Bachika cosplay!

-Got my PMR results

I'm dissapointed since I didn't hit my target...

That was such a long list... I actually archieved them from my old blog or else I couldn't have listed out so many! Hehe!

Ok, now for my 2011 New Year resolution after such a long sum up of 2010.

Since it's 2011, I made 11 resolutions. Hehe

1. Slim down

I think this is really common among everyone. Desho?

2. Sleep more

I'm seriously lacking of sleep. Ok, maybe not during hlidays since I can sleep till noon. Hehe. But I'm actually sleeping around 3 am every night. > <

3. Blog more

I think I'm already doing this this month. But I need to continue my effort next year.

4. Complete my cosplay plans

There will be three cosplay plans to tick off this year!

5. Control my spendings

I lost a lot of my savings in 2010 so 2011 is to save!

6. Learn more Japanese

I've slacked off from my self-study for a long time already. Time to study them again!

7. Learn more make up skills

I can't say I know everything already since there's always room for improvement. ^^

8. Show more LOVE toward GOD, family and friends

Yeah, and be more obedient and listen to my parents...

9. Reveal more secrets that I hid from my mum

Like I'm having the Kiyal and Konata wig and three pairs of contact lenses that I bought...

10. Get myself to be whiter


11. Buy stuff on my checklist.

I have to control my spendings but there are some stuff that I want too! But getting them in a year's time isn't too overboard right?

That's my 11 resolutions for 2011! What's yours?

Finally, thank you for reading my blog and those lovely comments. I love my readers! Let's have a great Pyon Pyon year ahead!

December 28, 2010

Top 3 gyaru style inspirations


Just a few more days till 2011 ne~ > <

And it's more than a year already since my interest in Gyaru style started.

Many times when you look up to a style, surely you'll have a few models that you like. Let's talk about my Top 3 then~

My first gyaru style inspiration would be...

Okarie (Matsuoka Rie)!

Okarie only started to 'boom' in Popteen few months ago when she had her hairstyle changed to short hair. Well, now she's back to long hair. Also, she's the other model that made it to be featured on the cover of Popteen by herself in the picture only since Kumicky's cover marathon? (Nishino Kana's a singer, right?)

What do I like about her?
Hmmm... I like her eye make and hairstyle! And how successful she is with her clothing line, Ank Rouge. Not to forget too, she inspired me to blog more! Hehe! And also I got ideas to blog through reading her blog! Hehehe

Oh, do check out the portrait I drew of her! Okarie portrait

Alright then, next will be...

Kumicky (Funayama Kumiko)!

I must say that there are a lot of comments on how she gets on the cover of Popteen consistenly. But, she's undeniably cute.... > < People are throwing hate comments on how they are making her the next Tsubasa, but I think it's quite unfair to her since they're two different individual...

What I like about her?
Her hair, eye make and cuteness. > <
I actually cut my hair to her shoulder length hair because I liked how it looked... = = (But I don't think I'll ever cut it short like Okarie before she got her extensions...)

Follow up would be...

Mizukitty (Nishikawa Mizuki)!

Mizukitty is super cute! When she smiles, it makes you want to smile too!

What I like about her?
Of course, her smile! If you've noticed, her lips is slightly thicker on the bottom on one side. But, I think it's really cute! She looks really Moe too!

That sums up my Top 3 fashion inspiration! I remember when I started, I really likes Suzuki Nana... but I don't think her eyemake suits me though. It makes my eyes looked smaller instead... > <

I really want to know your Top 3 fashion inspirations! Not just gyaru style, any style! Do tell me in the comment section, or even better, blog about it and I'll check it out at your blog! I'm really excited to know yours!

That's for now, bye-bye!
December 27, 2010

My Kiyal Bachika cosplay


It's been a while since I've blogged in the morning~ I'm a lazy kitty who loves to sleep till the sun hits my butt (●>v<●)

I'd like to show you some pictures of my Kiyal Bachika cosplay!

Yeah, I've shown this one before. But I really like this photo! ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ

Here's a photo of me and Tenshi by Jillian.

Another photo of me and Tenshi also by Jillian.

And... another one (* ̄∇ ̄)ノAHAHA by Jillian too.

Yes, another one! I like how my legs looked in this one! (○^▽^○)

What do you think of my cosplay? It's my second cosplay~! My first one was Tamura Hiyori from Lucky Star.

It was before I cut my fringe into full front fringe (●>v<●)

I first debuted my cosplay at Daicon 2009. It looked okay, right?

I'm going to get my third cosplay done as soon as possible so that I can cosplay another character in the coming events. I'm planning to do three cosplay this year! Try to guess what cosplay I'm going to do! It's all from Lucky Star!

I'm obsessed with Lucky Star. (●>v<●) I'm trying to watch more other anime so that I will like them and cosplay those characters. Even though I've watched more than 40 already but I still can't find my love for them. I like them, not love them (´;ω;`)

New Year is coming soon! Have you finished with your list of your new year resolutions? I have not had any new year resolution list before, but this year I HOPE I can make out one! Hehehe

Well then, see ya~!

P.s: Did you notice something wrong with my Kiyal cosplay? ( > v < )
December 26, 2010

My Christmas in 2010

壁┃∀`*)ノ゙ こんばんは♪

First off, I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days. Christmas is full of events so I really didn't have the time to sit down and blog. ゴメンネ((人´Д`;

I will start with my Christmas eve~

My family and relatives had lunch together at an organic food shop in Subang.

Then we went to The Empire, a newly opened shopping centre at Subang Jaya. We had a break at this little coffee shop.

It had a nice atmosphere~

The Christmas decorations at the mall was beautiful. It was white-christmas themed, something which Malaysia can't get. Sigh

And I took photo with 'Santa'. He was giving out free sweets! Hahaha (●>v<●)

Now's on Christmas day!

In the morning I went to church for celebration. Then we went back home to..... open our presents!!!

Yay! These are the presents I received! So many T-shirts!

This is my favourite one of all! It's so cute! I like the Rilakkuma plushie and umbrella too! \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/ My mom has the same white T-shirt as the one I got from her~~! I told her I liked that T-shirt so much so she got it for me! ヾ(◎´д`)ノ Thank You!!

And here are the recent stuff I got!

Bitter Almond Kitkat that I bought from Shojikiya!

Meiji's Melty Kiss Fruity Strawberry also from Shojikiya!

It's in a really cute individual packing!

Wonka's Nerds Rope.

My brother was surpised by how the sweets are stucked together like a rope. ((●≧艸≦)プププッ

My mom said it looked more like a bracelet so I wrapped it around my wrist. (*´∀`*)ゞ

And I had Candy Cane yesterday~! But it wasn't mint flavoured so I quite dissapointed.

Oh yeah! I forgot to show you the Christmas tree that I decorated at my house! What do you think of it?

Anyways, I think my blogging speed is super slow. I take hours to blog! I need to clear my computer so that it loads faster so I can blog faster!

Also, school is going to reopen soon! I still want more holiday! Are you prepared for school yet?

Lastly, a belated